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This page is woefully unmanaged. I've got several HOWTOs and other Linux-oriented pages, just haven't had the inclination to get them organized.

Sometimes I keep a few screenshots around. Mostly Red Hat Linux 7.3 (Valhalla) running GNOME. If it's empty today, oh well.

The difference between a Socialist Linux Zealot and a Libertarian Linux Zealot is this: the SLZ would nationalize Microsoft and open their source code for all to use-- and hopefully port the valuable pieces to Linux (eliminates all competition), the LLZ blames the consumers who refuse to make intelligent use of their free markets and figures that if they get screwed by MS on an ongoing basis that they deserve it. And it's hard not to agree with both of them. *grin*
--ichimunki on http://slashdot.org/

(I use the handle Speare on the SlashDot site.)

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26 April 2003: I wrote my first Obfuscated Perl program, a quine that solves the 6x10 Pentomino puzzle. More on Pentominoes.

12 August 2002: The Aurora SPARC Linux distribution (a Red Hat Linux 7.3 offshoot for SUN SPARC hardware) goes to LinuxWorld Expo. This preview release sports my artwork for the installer, GNOME 1.4 and KDE 3.0 splashes, wallpapers, icons, logos, and even the website auroralinux.org.

5 June 2002: The Ark Linux distribution has the goal of simplifying the installation and developing a newcomer-friendly Linux desktop package. I helped them with logos, KDE splashes, framebuffer strips, and other artwork for their water-themed first release, dubbed H2O. Check them out at arklinux.org.

Roadmap Series:
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Hemera Photo Objects
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Linux Artwork:
Multiple Exposure GIMP tutorial
A few miscellaneous icons
Slogans and Stickers

My Configuration Files
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