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ed halley
ed halley
manchester, connecticut
  • C, C++, Perl 5, Java 2, Python 2.5
  • Win32: Windows 95 ~ Windows XP
  • Linux (Red Hat, Debian), Mac OS X (Unix)
  • Software Tools: cvs, subversion, make, gcc, bugzilla, Visual C++ Studio, Eclipse
  • Networked applications, sockets, protocols, client/server development, theory and practical
  • Single, Multi, and Massively Multiple Player Game Design, theory and practical
  • Familiarity: GNOME/Gtk, OpenGL 3D, Android, Nokia Maemo, Visual Basic, ODBC, XML methods, MATLAB, Arduino embedded, Agile/Lean methodology
  • Technical, personal and project management for small to moderate teams
  • Proven solid end-user software development: code running on more than 100 million computers worldwide
  • Proven solid entertainment service development: millions of user-hours running on massive multiplayer internet entertainment service
  • Proven solid high-availability service development: production cycle supporting millions of transactions on mission-critical airline engine diagnostics service
windows development (10+ years)
Expert at developing with Windows: involved in the development of Windows 3.1x and Windows 95 itself. Developed user interface features and system diagnostic applications for the Windows 95 product. Developed common controls and user interface features for the Windows for Workgroups 3.11 product. Developed accessory applications, user interface features, and development tools for the Windows 3.1 product. Developed applications for scientific groups using Windows 2.0/286 and Windows 3.0 as a platform. Throughout and since, I've served as a technical resource, advising, troubleshooting and teaching other developers through the use of proper Windows programming techniques.
c++/mfc development (10+ years)
Designed and developed Grid-Oriented Modeling (GO), a post-flight jet engine modeling system, which requires steady-state models taking gigabytes of modeling samples through lengthy calculations; GO Modeling aimed to support these in a high-throughput production environment.
Designed and developed a realtime graphical interface for training users on operating gas turbine engines, JETS. Throughout and since, I've served as a technical resource, advising, troubleshooting and teaching other developers through the use of proper C/C++, MFC, and cross-platform user interface techniques.
Expert at developing with C++/MFC: involved in the design of MFC 1.0 itself. Developed MFC 1.0 specification and feature set with the AFX (Application Frameworks) team at Microsoft. Prototyped specification and feature set for AppWizard and ClassWizard of Visual C/C++ 1.0 product.
perl, java, python development (7+ years)
Designed, developed, served as principal architect and project manager for high-availability engineering software for processing diagnostic data for jet airline engines, the PRISM Project.
Designed, developed, served as principal architect, engineer and project manager for multiplayer entertainment software project, the Screenplay Project.
Designed and developed a general purpose application networking class library for Open Source software projects, the Kata Project. Extended this library for use on the Android embedded Java platform.
Developed training materials to teach Perl scripting to non-developers in aerospace engineering field. Submitted Open Source Perl library modules to CPAN. Donated time and resources to the Open Source community, assisting Linux and Windows oriented C, Perl, Java and Python developers with project coordination, architecture and design questions, technical support, and general methodology (Blender, Inkscape, Hugin).
embedded software development
Member of the software toolchain team supporting the newest FADEC embedded control systems for jet engines. Designed, developed MATLAB solutions to organize highly complex control systems with layered redundancy and interleaved real-time scheduling.
Designed, developed assembled and programmed printed circuit boards incorporating microcontrollers for information displays and real-time sensor monitoring on miniature UAV-like aircraft.
digital image handling and human interfaces
Experienced at developing attractive and smooth human-computer interaction. Developed user interfaces for applications on many platforms including Apple ][ in 1979, IBM PC in 1981 and on, DEC PDP 11/4 in 1988, Silicon Graphics IRIS in 1988 and 1994 and on, Microsoft Windows in 1988 and on, Linux in 2001 and on. Developed raster digital image processing methods for panoramic montage photography, document scanning and handling, and 2D and 3D scientific/engineering visualization applications.
digital artwork
Experienced at developing digital artwork for attractive application interfaces. Developed artwork for serious and entertainment applications. Developed small and large format artwork; various architectural and artistic mathematical projections; black and white, limited palette, color separation, print halftoning, full color; raster digital image processing methods including document handling and scientific/engineering visualization applications; scalable vector and raster artwork; texture map and tiling elements; mockups and final products; scalable vector and raster typeface design.
entertainment development
Developed, planned, served as technical lead and project director for internet multiplayer entertainment titles, with hot-download server and client updates, for Meridian 59. Designed, developed, served as technical lead and project managers for single/multiplayer entertainment titles, including Metal Marines. Designed, developed, served as technical lead and project manager for a multiserver, multiplayer graphics adventure system, and its first adventure title, state of chaos.
recent work
Pratt & Whitney 2002-present
(per contract via InfoTech Software Solutions)
Embedded Tools Coordinator, 'Next Generation Product Family FADEC'
Software Project Manager, 'EHM Plus Model Optimization (GO)'
Software Project Manager, 'EHM Plus MATLAB Integration (PRISM)'
Software Project Manager, 'Virtual Reality Toolset (Valkyrie)'
Software Project Manager, 'Joint Engine Test Simulator (JETS)'
Software Training Author, 'Perl for Engineers'
Software Coordinator
explorati, inc. 1998-2001
President, CTO
Architect, 'Screenplay' project
The 3DO Company (1-415-261-3000) 1996-1998
Director, 'Meridian 59'
Mindscape, incorporated (1-415-897-9900) 1994-1996
Software Project Manager, ' state of chaos'
Software Project Manager, 'Metal Marines Masters Edition'
Software Technical Lead, 'Metal Marines'
Microsoft, incorporated (1-206-882-8080) 1990-1993
Software Development Engineer, 'Windows 95', User Interface (SHELL) Team
Software Development Engineer, 'Windows 3.1', User Interface (SHELL) Team
Program Manager, 'Microsoft Foundation Classes 1.0', C/C++7.0 (AFX) Team
Phase Shift Incorporated (unavailable) 1988-1990
Software Developer, 'phase shifter' laser interferometry data visualization
University of Arizona
three years of computer science and engineering
system operator of chemistry department sgi/unix and dec/pdp mainframes
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10 march 2010